15/01/2022 to 18/12/2022

Monthly Weekend

300 Hours

From 185 € / Month

Objectives of Pilates Teacher Training

  • Framing the quality principles upheld by Shift You
  • Identify and adapt the fundamental principles of Anatomy and Biomechanics in Pilates
  • Understand and distinguish the 6 fundamental principles of Pilates
  • Perform the mat and apparatus exercises correctly
  • Identify the precautions and contraindications of Pilates exercises
  • Build exercise programs adapted to each student’s goals
  • Design exercise sequences for group classes and private training
  • Apply exercise modifications to special populations

Where training takes place


Av. Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro 87 4.º andar

1070-062 Lisboa

Certified Training

Certificação IPDJ créditos cédula

SHIFT YOU training courses are certified by the IPDJ and grant credits for renewal of the professional card.

Advantages of Pilates Teacher Training Shift You

Pilates Teacher Training Shift You focuses on understanding the body and the mechanics of movement for each individual student.



  • 300 Hours
  • Training Mat & Apparatus
  • Guided Practice
  • Customer Focus
  • Training adapted to clinical cases
  • Case studies
  • Experienced trainers


  • Digital Manuals
  • Final Certificates
  • Using the studio

Who is Pilates Teacher Training for

Holders of professional titles of coaches, instructors, teachers, graduate students and / or physical exercise, yoga, pilates, physical education, gymnastics, sport or dance technicians.

Health professionals and physical recovery (orthopedic doctors, physiatrists, physiotherapists, technicians and physical trainers for exercise and health, chiropractors, osteopaths).

Pilates practitioners with at least 100 hours of group classes and equipment training.

100 hours of Pilates practice

Payment Dates

1st term until November 30th, 2021: € 1750

2nd term until January 14th, 2022: € 2150

1st term until November 30th, 2021: 6x 325 €

2nd term until January 14th, 2022: 6x 400 €

1st term until November 30th, 2021: 12x 185 €

2nd term until January 14th, 2022: 12x 220 €

I want to guarantee my place in training!

Pre-reserve your place in the training for € 150 for the
IBAN PT50 0018 0003 4406 4046 0204 7 and send the receipt to info@shiftyou.pt.

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