Pilates group classes are designed to safely strengthen and streamline the body and improve performance in your daily life.


Private classes allow you to focus on the specific objectives of each body. A variety of Pilates machines can be used, including reformer, cadillac, chair, barrel or mat to provide the most suitable exercises.

Pilates class

— Private or group Pilates classes in the center of Lisbon

Pilates is a very comprehensive tool, as it can be practiced by anyone, in any physical state. The focus is on the quality of the movement.

Indicated for:

  • Joint pain;
  • Back pain;
  • Hernias
  • Other spine pathologies


  • improved posture
  • pain reduction
  • gains in mobility and stability
  • increased muscle endurance and toning
  • anxiety reduction and stress management
  • increased concentration, motor coordination and balance
  • osteoporosis prevention
  • promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being

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