Shift You

Shift You is born from the desire to encourage people to build a balanced, healthy and sustainable life. Our goal is to develop everyone’s tools to balance body, mind and emotions. For this, we offer services that work in all these areas.

Yoga and Pilates practices – Shift Studio – work on the strength of the body, but also the ability to concentrate and help to deconstruct feelings of frustration and limitation. In parallel, the clinical and complementary medicine services – Shift Care – focus on health and the need to take care of ourselves as a whole.

Whether with the practices in the studio, training actions – Shift Academy, classes in the workplace – through the Shift Executive – or with the professional and personal retreats – Shift Retreat – our focus is always the same.

We want to be the best, to encourage you to do your best.


Everyone, of all ages, can build their well-being.


A sustainable future starts with us and is possible with small changes.


We believe that the results are more consistent when we openly expose our knowledge and get closer to your personal sphere.


A world in constant change requires continuous growth from us.


We are more human when we connect with the other's perspective.


With a support network, we are able to achieve our goals more efficiently.

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