Bruno Rodrigues
Co-Founder & Head of Pilates

I’ve been connected to exercise and movement ever since I was little, it’s something that has always been a part of me. I was a competitive gymnast when I was growing up and that made me very curious about human movement.
My college degree in Physical Education helped me deepen my knowledge in exercise, but it was during my years in fitness that i started teaching and helping people move.

The first contact with Pilates happened when I was 21 years old. I was curious about the method, but only years later I realized the potential of what Pilates offers and the specific approach in body and mind training. I did my first teacher training when I was 28 and from that time on I never stopped moving and learning and teaching.

Cláudio Alves
Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer

With a degree in Psychology, I believe that mental health problems lead to physical illnesses. This is how I develop my career as a healthcare professional in the area of physiotherapy, massage therapy and personalized training (Bodybuilding, Yoga and Pilates).
I apply the knowledge acquired in the clinics, hotels, gyms and spas where I worked and specialized in injury recovery, weight loss, functional training, special populations, mobility, flexibility and postural correction and assessment.
I have been practicing and teaching Yoga for over 15 years, starting with Asthanga and moving on to Vinyasa, Iyengar and Hatha yoga. Through my personal and professional practice, I continue to deepen and develop the knowledge I have, whether in Portugal or on trips I take to other countries, particularly India.
I believe that physical health is fundamental, but it doesn’t work without the emotional part and Yoga goes beyond a physical practice.

Erina Martins
Pilates Teacher

My name is Erina, and I’m a Pilates teacher and trainer with a passion for human movement. My interest in physical activity started at the age of 5 when I began practicing gymnastics and ballet. I graduated in sports from FMH and have been dedicated to the world of fitness for 26 years, where I discovered the Pilates method.

At the age of 40, I decided to deepen my knowledge of Pilates and discovered a healthy and profound challenge that made me an unconditional fan of this exercise. With my extensive experience in the fitness world and my passion for Pilates, I help my students improve their posture, flexibility, and strength in a unique and highly effective way.

As a Pilates trainer, I am committed to transmitting the technique and philosophy of Pilates. I aim to help students achieve their physical and emotional goals, promoting a higher quality of life through an integrated approach. My teaching style is personalized, and I strive to provide a complete perspective of Pilates that transforms not only your body but your mind and, who knows, your life.

Ricardo Vilhena
Chinese Medicine Practitioner

My name is Ricardo Vilhena and I’m a specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
My first contact with TCM was in 2005 when I attended a Tui Na training (traditional chinese massage). In 2010 after finishing my graduation and master degree in Computer Engineering. At that time I decided to change my life and pursue the dream of becoming a “chinese doctor”.

In 2015, after 5000 hours of training, 4 honor mentions for my dedication and academic performance and more than 900 hours of clinical practice I’ve finished the TCM course.
In 2016’s last trimester I’ve been in Nanjing, China for an internship in several TCM hospitals and clinics. I am currently in Lisbon, Portugal where I practice.

In 2017 in London, I specialized in Dr. Tan’s Balance Method, and in Barcelona I followed and learned from Dr. Thomas Richard.

During 2020 and 2021 I had training in Jing Fang, which is the classical way of prescribing Chinese Herbal Medicine.

I believe changing the world is within everyone’s reach and this is the way I chose to do it.

Helô Isa André
Pilates Teacher

My relationship with human movement began in the cradle. My parents were physical education teachers and I spent my childhood in pavilions, swimming pools, and gyms. Then becoming an athlete was a natural path… competitive rhythmic gymnastics and classical ballet were my path until I was 20, when I finished the dance conservatory and physical education college.
After that came fitness, which became my professional activity and passion for the last 30 years. This passion led me to become interested in knowing more and deepening my studies in this area, having completed numerous training courses and a master’s degree in exercise and health. I then started giving training, and was invited to be a teacher in higher education, on the sports science course, where I have been since 2001.
Pilates came into my life as a curiosity, and an interest in exploring the potential of exercises in different populations. I had the opportunity to introduce this component into an exercise program for the elderly that was part of my doctorate, and I was able to observe how much it contributed to body awareness and postural control in this population.
From then on, interest grew, and I decided to take specific training at Shift You. And here I am! Among the various occupations that academic life entails, Pilates is where I find the space to deepen my knowledge “on site” when trying to help people get to know their bodies better and improve their functional health.

Daniel Fischer

Osteopathy combines some of the things I love the most: working with my hands, solving puzzles and helping other people.
Even though osteopathy was never a profession I had ever considered growing up, the moment it became part of my life, I knew this was the obvious path I wanted to take.

I completed my General studies of Osteopathic Medicine at the Instituto de Medicina Tradicional in 2017, after which I was invited to stay as an assistant teacher, aiding the last year students in their internships at the school clinic over the following years. In 2019, I got my BSc(Hons) at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine after studying the effects of osteopathy on constipation.

Over the years I’ve been further exploring visceral osteopathy and how it relates with the different systems.

To have the opportunity to decrease the pain, increase the mobility and improve the quality of life of those around me is something that I’m extremely grateful for!

Sofia Neves
Pilates Teacher

From an early age I began to demonstrate an innate aptitude for physical activity. As a child, it was always in performing motor skills and exploring the body in movement that I felt happy and fulfilled.

I started practising ballet and gymnastics when I was about 6 years old and I would get really upset if by any chance I couldn’t attend classes. When I got sick, my mother practically had to make me stay at home.

I followed my path through dance, contemporary and jazz, but it was during my degree in Physical Education and Sports that I came into contact and fell in love with Fitness, an area to which I have dedicated my life for the last twenty-some years, as a Personal Trainer and group class instructor.

In 2009, I took my first Matwork (contemporary) Pilates training. However, Matwork “tasted little to me” and, when I decided to follow the classic approach of the method, at Shift You, using the various apparatus that I didn’t know until then, was where I really identified myself and became aware of the potential of Pilates to improve the quality of life of its practitioners.

I believe in the proven benefits of Pilates in promoting health and well-being and, as a practitioner and teacher, I strongly recommend its regular practice respecting both the structural principles of the modality and the individual differences of each person.

Inês Garcia
Customer Care

Cheerful, fun, friendly, positive and determined. I see life as a big school where every situation, challenging or not, are just opportunities for us to learn and evolve, allowing us to experience the best that life has to offer us.
Despite appearing to be a calm woman, I have immense mental energy and it is in my passion for sport that I find my peace.
I was never a professional athlete but always a practically dedicated one. I’ve explored different sports, from gymnastics, volleyball, capoeira, jiu-jitsu, pilates, gym, yoga, among others.

I’m very expressive and a good communicator and maybe that’s where my good relationship with the public comes from. Today at Shiftyou, I am committed to doing my best to receive, monitor and help each client in the best possible way, always giving my best.

Micaelle Carreira
Pilates Teacher and Physiotherapist

Since I was a child, I have always been the one who was willing to take care of others, whether playing with friends or at home with my family.

So it wasn’t difficult to know that I would work in the health sector, and Physiotherapy, being such a noble profession that combines movement and care, proved to be the perfect path.

Graduated from Universidade Estacio da Bahia in 2012 in the city of Salvador, I bring with me years of experience and a huge amount of knowledge in the area.

I am currently a Master’s student in Exercise and Health at the Faculty of Human Motricity at the University of Lisbon with the aim of acquiring more knowledge and tools to provide the best for my patients.

What motivates me most on a daily basis is helping to rehabilitate the individual, when they regain functionality and return to their daily activities.

Jorge Barros
Yoga Teacher

“Yoga is strength, power and energy”

These are the concepts associated with Yoga since ancient times.
It is with them that I have lived since the year 2000 when I started practicing them and it was with this interest and sense that I graduated from the DeRose Method Yoga University.

Along this path I had the opportunity to learn about and practice other styles, Bikram Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yiengar, thus continuing to practice, study and teach since then, totaling more than 20 years of learning and activity inside and outside the country, with this ancient and stimulating practical philosophy of life.

I come to invite you to try my Yoga classes in the Vinyasa Flow style, following a sequence of physical positions that follow each other guided by our breathing and where focus and concentration, energy and vigor are present, without dispensing with a deep and renewing relaxation with which we make a point of finishing our classes among other techniques that you can experience hoping that it will be like it is for me, an intense and stimulating moment in good company, I’m counting on you!

Margarida Trigueiros
Pilates Teacher

I’m Margarida, I was born in Macau, but grew up in Portugal. My passion for movement began at the age of 3 with ballet and has never faded since then. At the age of 15 I began an exciting chapter, moving to Switzerland to pursue my professional ballet training at the Tanz Akademie Zurich. The world of dance welcomed me with open arms, granting me a Merit Scholarship from the Danse Suisse Foundation and the opportunity to compete in the prestigious “Prix de Lausanne” competition in 2016.

My career as a dancer has taken me to stages all over the world, performing iconic choreographies as a cast member of renowned companies such as the Joffrey Ballet Studio Company in Chicago and the Lithuanian National Ballet. In 2020, I returned to my roots in Portugal and found a new home in the ballet company Dança em Diálogos, where I continue to dance as a solo dancer and share my experience through ballet masterclasses.

My journey with Pilates began at the age of 15, initially as part of a rehabilitation and strengthening program. Since then, my dedication to Pilates has only grown as I witness its transformative and ongoing effects. I say with immense confidence that this practice has allowed me to keep my body strong and healthy, free from injuries, promoting longevity in my career as a dancer. In 2023 I decided to take my passion for Pilates to another level by seeking certification in Pilates teaching here, at Shift You.

Currently, I aim to combine my knowledge of movement and body awareness acquired in ballet with the precise and controlled exercises of Pilates. I believe in the power of Pilates to improve physical performance, prevent injuries and promote the well-being of any individual. Through my teaching, I aim to empower others to discover their strength, flexibility and inner balance, promoting a harmonious connection between mind and body.

Fernanda Prados
Yoga and Pilates Teacher

Hello! I’m Fernanda but you can call me Nanda.
An architect by training, I discovered Yoga as a way to deal with anxiety, allergic rhinitis and stress.
It was in 2007 that I immersed myself in this practice, finding not only physical and breathing exercise, but also self-knowledge. Some time later, in 2011, I adopted Pilates as a complement, falling in love with its mind-body approach.
However, it was only in 2019 that my true path began to be traced: I became a Yoga instructor, sharing this journey with others ever since.
But life is full of surprises and two years ago, I moved to Portugal. Here, I renewed my passion for Pilates, however, this time not only in the form of a personal practice but also as a professional path. I’m excited to continue helping people find balance and physical and mental well-being in their lives through Yoga and Pilates, the perfect match.

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