Pilates group classes are designed to safely strengthen the body and improve agility and performance in your daily life. Pilates classes are accessible to everyone and are designed to address your specific needs, meeting you at your unique starting point.


In a private Pilates class, a basic postural analysis is made first. Subsequent private sessions focus on the specific objectives you have for your body. In a private session, the instructor can vary the Pilates equipment used to provide the most appropriate exercises given your goals, including the reformer, cadillac, chair, barrel or mat to provide the most appropriate exercises.

Pilates Classes

— Group or private pilates classes in the center of Lisbon

Pilates classes in Lisbon. With over 500 documented exercises, Pilates is the ideal tool for everyone regardless of age or physical condition. Practicing Pilates results in improved posture and body awareness; increased mobility; strength and muscle tone; reduced levels of anxiety and stress; and improved concentration and motor coordination and balance. With Pilates’ focus on the quality of movement, it is recommended to prevent osteoporosis and treat joint pains, back pain, hernias, and other pathologies of the spine (scoliosis, sciatica, disc degeneration, lumbago, etc.).

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