In the group yoga classes, align your body and breath through guided sequences of physical postures set to the rhythm of your breath.


In addition to the benefits of the practice, private yoga classes are a great way to give your body the attention it needs. In private sessions we focus on issues specific to your personal growth, including but not limited to alignment, advanced postures and sequences, weight loss, relaxation, flexibility, and injury rehabilitation.

Yoga Classes

— Yoga private or group classes in the center of Lisbon

Yoga has moral, philosophical and spiritual dimensions that have the potential to create prejudices that outweigh the curiosity or will to try. The practical aspects of yoga, however, are easily accessible: physical, mental and emotional training accomplished through the integration of breathing and physical postures.

This practice leads to the development of methods of control, self-observation and self-regulation capabilities, of focus in the direction to what matters, of fully living each moment. These facets of Yoga practice can be experienced by anyone, in their everyday life scenarios. In the (dis)connections with family and friends, at work, at the pleasure of the routine tasks, and in a series of changes, we experience through life.

Always with the goal of walking towards inner peace and happiness, harmony and balance, moderation when facing the situations in life. Yoga pushes us to seek the pleasure on the path rather than relying on the credits of achieving the ends.

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